Self-Directed Voices

A One-Day Summit Exploring Self-Directed Education in Barcelona


11am -3pm

UP! Training Club Barcelona


Key-Note Speakers

Join us for a day of learning, sharing and connecting with speakers from 5 different countries presenting their perspectives on Self-Directed Education.


Blake Boles builds exciting alternatives to traditional school for self-directed young people. He directs the company Unschool Adventures and is the author of The Art of Self-Directed LearningBetter Than College, and College Without High School. Blake and his work have appeared on TEDx, The Huffington Post, USA Today, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, BBC Travel, Psychology Today, Fox Business, NPR affiliate radio, an internationally screened education documentary, and the blogs of Wired and The Wall Street Journal.

Unschool Adventure Participants - Want to talk to teenagers from the U.S. and Canada who have been alternatively educated, including some who never went to school? Members of the Unschool Adventures Spain 2018 trip will be joining us to speak a little about their educational backgrounds and answer questions about what it's like to grow up without traditional school.
Maren F. Frank loves inviting people to embrace their power by co-creating their world. Her mission is to create spaces in which people feel safe, connected and trusted thereby creating room for play, fun and creation.
Coming from an engineering background Maren has ventured first into technical training and from there into creating life long learning experiences. With design thinking and self directed learning she brings hands on action to the world of adult education.

James Priest serves internationally providing organizational development consultancy, learning facilitation, mentoring and conflict resolution for people wishing to evolve collaborative, adaptive organizations at scale. A co-founder and developer of Sociocracy 3.0, he combines extensive experience of sociocracy with 15 years practice in the fields of holistic organizational development, facilitative leadership and personal and relational transformation. He currently spends most of his time supporting others to learn about Sociocracy 3.0 and working with organizations to evolve enterprise agility.

Nicole Langhanki - Mother of 5 children, she is happy that they showed her the way to all the things that really matter to her: "im Fluss des Lebens mitzuschwingen", to be in process and progress, the power of play and happiness, praying to all the things mother earth and life brings us, to know our resources and find our visions... She is glad to have the possibility to shape a place where children (including her 5) are attended in a trusted, self-directed, regardful and respected way. The democratic free school 'Freie Schule Leben und Lernen in Preetz' has been offering a space for children to live the joy of doing and experiencing without judgement for the last 15 years. In a sociocratic field they experience their self-worth and their self-efficacy, as a base for shaping the circumstances of their own lives. She's looking forward to sharing with you her experience as a founding member of the school.
Eugenia Gargallo is the founder of UP! Training Club which explores self-directed learning with young adults in Barcelona, by providing a safe space free of judgement in which everyone has the support to discover his/her unique superpowers. She is convinced that each and everyone of us has those superpowers and that it is by exploring, discovering and developing them that we step by step create the life that we want for ourselves. 

The Venue

What Else?


We will provide childcare during the time of the event! There will be a number of dedicated educators offering activities, games and creative workshops for kids age 3 to 13. Spaces are limited, so if you would like to attend the conference and bring your child(ren), please register and let us know in the registration form how many children of which age will be attending the activity.


The purpose of this event is to connect people interested in Self-Directed education, to give them a platform to share and discuss, to ask their questions and find answers. There will not be any profit generated from this conference and our key-note speakers are contributing their perspectives and their time without requesting remuneration. To be able to cover the costs of the event, and to be able to organize more events in the future, we ask participants to contribute a minimum of 8€. Additional donations are welcome 🙂

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