Cocreadores (esp)

Creemos que un cambio es posible ya.

Nuestro equipo de personas apoyando al proyecto COCREO sigue creciendo. En esta pagina podéis conocer a algunos de ell@s:

Pia Janzen

Blake Boles

Pedro Rojas

Sierra Allen

Self-directed learner and learning facilitator

    Cocreo is a pioneer in an important paradigm shift in education in Barcelona and in the World, and how could I not support that? Also, Pia is an incredible human and friend and inspiration and I support her and believe in whatever she sets her mind to. Also, I resonate with a collective vision of creating a more beautiful world through self directed and community oriented education, which Cocreo is actively contributing to. 🙂

Maren Fabia Frank

Eugenia Gargallo

Tomis Parker

Co-founder of the ALC model, Director at ALC Mosaic, and organizing team member/coach at the Alliance for Self-Directed Education

    I believe the world needs to begin designing its organizations and systems from a place of trust. I am passionate about trusting children to create a world, rather than training them to succumb to the one we have.

Eric Bear

A Friend!

    I support this project because I love Intentional Communities and Self-Organization and m excited to see what Pia creates